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What is Gatsby?

Introducing our brand new chocolate, which has less than ½ the calories of regular chocolate, less sugar, & less fat. We worked extremely hard on our proprietary formula to make sure Gatsby Chocolate delivers on texture, style & indulgence to live up to the name and provide you with all the pleasure you expect from chocolate. *Less than ½ the calories of regular chocolate on a per gram basis based on the per serving information in nutrition facts labels.

When will Gatsby Chocolate be available in stores?

Glad you asked! Gatsby Chocolate launches in stores nationwide on May 30th. Check our store locator to see if you will be nearby a store carrying Gatsby Chocolate.

We hope to expand the party to more stores as we grow!

Can I buy Gatsby Chocolate online?

Glad you asked that as well! You can order Gatsby Chocolate from our website straight to your door starting on June 1st! Our Classic Milk Chocolate & Almond Dark Chocolate will come in 6-Packs for 29.99, or 12-Packs for 59.99.

Why can’t I order a single bar?

We are a small company and, unfortunately, it’s too expensive for us to afford shipping a single bar, so we have to offer them in 6 or 12-Packs. However, if you order a 12-Pack, you will receive free shipping!

Remember to check our store locator to see if you can find Gatsby Chocolate in retail stores!

You can also follow us on social media, or sign up for our newsletter & rewards program for opportunities to win Gatsby Chocolate & news on when Gatsby Chocolate is on promo.

What is the nutritional information/can I see the label?

Definitely! We’re going to have this information available on our product pages when we officially launch in stores on May 30th!

How do I reach out to the Gatsby Chocolate team?

We’d love to hear from you! Check out our Contact Us tab and send us a message.