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What's Greater Than Great? GATSBY CHOCOLATE

Why did we set out to make a chocolate with half the calories that tastes even better than full-sugar, full-fat brands? Well, it’s pretty simple: we like chocolate so much, we wanted to eat chocolate All. The. Time. Morning. Night. As much as we want.

The problem? Turns out, there were no low-cal, low-sugar options. Literally, none. Zero. Even sugar-free brands are loaded with carbs, calories & bad ingredients.

So we made GATSBY Chocolate and, in honor of the name, set out to make the richest chocolate on the market…without the calories. Cut the sugar. Cut the fat. Cut the calories. Keep the silky, melt-in-your-mouth texture & taste explosion. We would accept nothing less.

After a year of holding ourselves to that standard while we tested & tested, we are proud to deliver you GATSBY Chocolate. Go ahead – eat chocolate All. The Time. Morning. Night. As much as you want with GATSBY Chocolate.

When you eat better chocolate, you can eat more chocolate.

Our Promise To You

Our standard is to make mind-blowingly good products that make you think, “I can’t believe this exists!” If you don’t feel like you actually WANT to eat our chocolate, then we've done something wrong. That's why we spent so long making the recipe - what's the point of eating a chocolate bar or peanut butter cups every day if you don't actually crave it?? 

 -The Gatsby Team

Who We Are

My name is Doug, and I’m the Founder & CEO of Gatsby Chocolate. My background actually is in ice cream, not chocolate. I’m the cofounder of Halo Top, which was one of the first brands to combine “low cal” with “great taste” in ice cream and in 2017 became the #1 selling pint of ice cream in the US. Along with a bunch of other original Halo Top team members, I started to think about what we could do next. 

Once we found out people were looking for low-calorie chocolate that could still deliver on indulgence, we got to work and spent over a year crafting the recipe for GATSBY Chocolate. We’re ecstatic with the result!

We are confident that our products truly deliver melt-in-your-mouth texture & flavor just like any other full-sugar, full-fat chocolate; they just happen to contain way less calories and sugar. 

That's what we mean by better chocolate.


Why Gatsby?

The themes of richness and indulgence play really well for our line of decadent chocolate products. Also, Jay Gatsby has quite a bit of mystery and mystique to him, just like it's hard to believe there is now a chocolate you can eat all the time and never worry about fat, calories or sugar. But let's get real, it’s really to have an excuse to say “Cheers to you, old sport!” any chance we get.

Want to help?

As a true startup, we could use your help. We attribute our success at Halo Top largely to the word-of-mouth marketing from our earliest fans who were evangelical in their support of the brand and products. So if you like our products at GATSBY Chocolate, it would mean the world to us if you spread the word to as many people as possible! Also, if you haven’t already, you can sign up for our newsletter here to be the first to know about all of our new products.

Want to chat?

We respond to all emails and love to hear from our customers. If you have a question, want to share a story, need our help, or anything else, please drop us a note to info@dojobrands.com.