Chocolate Pudding Dirt Cups
Serving: 2 | Time: 10 minutes

These GATSBY Chocolate Dirt Cups are a timeless classic and a great cooking activity for kids.  There’s no baking or heating necessary and uses a few ingredients. While great to make year round, these pudding cups can be dressed up for Halloween!

  • 1 GATSBY Chocolate Oat Milk Crunch Bar
  • 1 package of instant chocolate pudding
  • Any milk of your choice - we chose Almond Milk to make it dairy-free
  • Sugar-free gummy worms
  1. Chop up your GATSBY Chocolate and set aside
  2. Make your chocolate pudding, stirring in your milk of choice
  3. Begin compiling your ingredients by layering on your chocolate pudding, GATSBY and the gummy worms.
  4. You can dress these up by adding some Halloween sprinkles
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