S'mores Board
Serving: 3+ | Time: 15 minutes

Best hosting tip: elevate your guest experience by having a s’mores board with GATSBY chocolate. Who needs a campfire when you can easily make your own s’mores board right at home?

  • Pick out a platter, cutting board, tray or a flat surface.
  • Choose any GATSBY Chocolate flavor, but we love the Classic Milk Chocolate for a traditional s’mores feel
  • Graham crackers
  • Marshmallows
  • You can get creative and add any other ingredients to your s’mores, including pretzels, cookies or fruit
  1. Layer your board with all your ingredients.
  2. Our best tip is creating a cascading effect with the GATSBY Chocolate pieces. This will help guide the rest of your s’mores board.
  3. For a balanced effect, place each ingredient on both side of your board or arrange however you’d like.
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